10 high performance board barometers

May 30th, 2017

Good governance is now recognised as an important business function, not just for those multi nationals, but for the SME market as well.

For a business to maximise profitability and opportunity it should divide its key roles into strategy, governance and management & on-going implementation.

I read an article the other day & it outlined 10 high-performance barometers.   Have a look & see how you measure up.   Do you:

  1. Practise participative leadership
  2. Share responsibility
  3. Align with purpose
  4. Encourage high levels of communication
  5. Focus on the tasks of the board
  6. Orient toward the future
  7. Make use of diverse & creative talents
  8. Respond rapidly
  9. Have a healthy risk appetite
  10. Be comfortable with dissent

The article also has a self assessment test that you can complete, to see if you are part of a high performing board

At a local New Zealand level, there is always the Institute of Directors, which offers governance best practice support



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