Are you ready for 2013?

October 10th, 2012

It’s hard to believe but we are in the last quarter of 2012, so I thought it may be a good time for you to review the year that was and get ready for 2013.

Some things to consider as we head towards the end of the year:

–   When did you last review your planning & are you on track?
–   If you don’t have any active plans in place would you get better results if you did?
–   Are you ready to review & set operational plans for 2013?
–   Is everyone in your business heading in the same direction?

Sales & Marketing
–   What are you doing to attract potential clients?
–   When did you last review your pricing structure?
–   Are you aware of the most profitable areas in your business?

–   How well are you implementing your day to day activities?
–   What focus is there on productivity?
–   Is your day to day business following a structured plan or are you simply reacting to what occurs?

 Finance & administration
–   Are you producing accurate monthly management reports?
–   Are you measuring key numbers?
–   Is the administration side of your business working as well as it should be?
–   Is your business as profitable as you want it to be?

–   Are you getting the best out of your team?
–   What evaluation processes are you using?
–   Have you recently audited your staff files?

–   Do you take time to consider & review the bigger picture in your business?
–   Do you have an effective governance process in place?
–   Are you complying with any relevant legislation?

At times we can become so involved in our business that we forget to take a moment to consider what we are doing & why. Hopefully you’ll be able to take a moment to pause, reflect on the above questions & decide what if anything needs to change as you head into 2013.

If you would like assistance to implement some of the ideas above, don’t hesitate to contact PlanA Consulting

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