Case Study – Client results – Business Five

June 11th, 2015

This is another result from a client at March15 compared to March14.   Their improvements are as a result of the client & their team understanding what is important & implementing well.

We’ll call the business in this case study Business Five and its characteristics are:

  • Owner(s) work in  business
  • 30+ fulltime staff
  • Operating in different locations

I have worked with this client for a number of years & they have always maintained a focus on the key drivers in the business & implementing well.

Work is ongoing on a number of fronts.   This includes:

  • Focus on improving supply chain
  • Focus on stock control & COS
  • Better management reporting (both financial & operational)
  • More team accountability

Financial information for March15 compared to March14

  • Sales up 21%
  • GP $ up by 28%
  • Expenses down by 5% on total turnover
  • Operating surplus up by 146%

Based on budgets & even the 1st two periods in the Mar16 year, improvements are expected for the coming financial year

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