Case Study – Client Results – Business Three

November 27th, 2010

This is the third and last article in this series looking at some specific client examples and how they have increased the profitability and efficiencies in their business by taking a more managed approach to their activities and working closely with PlanA Consulting.

We’ll call the business in this case study Business Three and its characteristics are:

  • Owner(s) work in business
  • 10+ fulltime staff
  • Operating in local market for more than 15 years

After the initial planning session a number of immediate issues were identified and they were:

  • Cashflow tight
  • No financial analysis
  • No systems or processes
  • Productivity issues
  • Fee structure not reflective to cost to business

Work was completed on a number of fronts. This included:

  • Immediate focus on productivity
  • Steps put in place to improve cashflow
  • Other outside experts engaged to assist
  • Review done on fee structure and associated costs of delivering their core service – adjustments made
  • Internal paperwork reviewed to ensure billable hours not lost and clients being invoiced correctly

Financial information for the company (April10-Oct10 compared against previous year)

  • Sales up 3.6%
  • GP Margin up by 2%
  • Expenses down by 15%
  • Profit up by $59,021

If you would like to find various ways to increase both profitability and efficiencies in your business then contact John at PlanA Consulting by clicking here.

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