Getting the most out of your Board meetings

May 30th, 2017

The other day I attended a webinar, hosted by the Institute of Directors, which focussed on Chairing Boards

It covered a number of topics such as:

  • The role of the chair & how to be effective
  • Preparing for & chairing a board meeting
  • Board processes
  • Working with the board, CEO & other stakeholders

It got me thinking, how much time is wasted every year on meetings that have no structure, are not well run & head off track at the first opportunity?

So if you’re conducting meetings as part of your business, ask yourself:

  • Is there structure to your meeting
  • Are they well planned
  • Does the meeting add value to your business (if not, why have it)
  • Is there a regular meeting rhythm (meaning it’s not just a big [email protected]*& session every few months)
  • Do you have an agenda
  • Is information circulated early for people to read
  • Are people well briefed when they come & well prepared
  • Does everyone feel they have the ability to talk
  • Does the chair control the meeting
  • If tasks are assigned during the meeting, what is the followup & reporting process

The Institute of Directors has a Board Meeting Practice Guide that is available for download.   It is pitched at company directors & board members, but even if you don’t have a board in place, it has some good practical information that should assist you.

To get the most from your business, people cannot work in isolation & effective communication is vital.   So take a moment, consider how communication is in your business & is there an opportunity to improve it?   Because if people are aligned to the core purpose of your business, know where they are heading & know what they need to do, then strong communication should help accelerate performance.   If people aren’t aligned, have no idea what they’re meant to do & the team isn’t talking, then look out, you’re not going to get the results you want.




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