How accountability helped a client generate revenue in excess of $xx,xxx.00 in a short time

August 8th, 2014

It can be lonely at the top of your business.   You may have all the ideas & you may have all the skills, but at times making those decisions & taking action can be a little off-putting.

This client came to me about 12 months ago with a sound business idea, but no clear plan as to implementation or getting the idea into market, let alone generating income.

Over a period of time we:

  • Assessed the business idea
  • Looked at ways to position
  • Looked at what added the most value
  • Determined a course of action over the next 90 days.  

So far so good!

The next stage was for them to implement the plan, but unfortunately this is where a lot of great plans & ideas comes to a screeching halt.   It’s that fear of the unknown, will what they have set out to do work, or will it all come tumbling down around their ears?

Now if you are employed there is probably someone else further up the food chain to make sure you do what you say you’re going to do & there is no escaping.   When you are the top of the food chain in your business though it’s easy not to keep yourself to account, but that normally comes at a price & lost opportunity.  

The price of lost opportunity

  • Making the wrong decision
  • Not taking action when you need to
  • Lost revenue
  • Lost customers
  • Feeling of disappointment

Show me the way

In this case my client had some reservations about implementing their plan, but we looked at:

  • The various options
  • What was required
  • They then committed to a course of action (knowing they had to report back to me within a certain timeframe!)

The result

Speaking with the client the other day they said that they have hit the milestones they had set themselves & have been able to generate revenue which equals their budget for the first 6 months of trading.   A pretty good result!

Why they got the result

They said it was because they had stepped back & thought about their business in a more structured manner , set down a course of action & then were held accountable to that course of action.   They said if they weren’t held to account the result may have been a little different.  

So if you are looking to get better results, have that business support & know that you are making sound business decisions, feel free to get in touch with Plan A Consulting


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