How are you controlling your HSE risks?

May 30th, 2017

Well we’re 1 year plus, for the Health & Safety at Work Act 2015, so what has changed for you?

The world hasn’t ended as some predicted, Worksafe, from what I can see are taking a practical approach, there is plenty of good information available, but what is happening in your business?

Assuming you reviewed your processes in 2015, is HSE a living part of your business now, is it getting the same attention as your other business functions & are you controlling risks as they occur?

In an interim finding, for a death at South Port, fixing or putting controls in place, would likely have prevented a visitor’s death according to Worksafe¬†¬† What are you doing around controlling risks you’re aware of, what is your reporting system, what communication procedures do you have.

If perhaps the focus has dropped off a little, maybe take a moment to visit the Worksafe website, where you’ll find plenty of resources, refresh your thinking, review what you have done & make HSE an everyday part of your business


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