How one small word may have a significant impact on your buisness!

July 9th, 2014

The new legislation contained in the Health and Safety Reform Bill uses language which focuses on the concept of risk, whereas the current HSE Act talks almost exclusively about hazards.

The word ‘risk’ appears 134 times in the new Bill but only four times in the HSE Act. This is quite a conceptual shift in thinking.

Numerous SMEs in NZ, estimated 95%, don’t even have a business plan so how can they even consider risk management as a strategic planning essential.

To me the thinking towards this is all about risk aversion for the business. Health and safety is not only about the mitigation or prevention of risk of injuries to employees and others, it’s also about mitigating the commercial, financial risks and consequential loss to the business. How many SMEs can afford to lose 5K less alone 50K due to a health and safety mistake?

The above thought was provided by Gordon Anderson who is a Director at Hasmate which assists companies in managing health & safety management.   For more information on Hasmate click on this link

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