How to play the long game

August 3rd, 2014

We’ve all read the stats. x% of businesses don’t survive in the first year & then y% don’t survive in the next 3 & so on. Regardless what those numbers are let’s look at some key points that can keep you not only playing the game but playing it for a while.

  1. Are you the tortoise or hare?
  2. Know where you are heading
  3. Have some key numbers that help guide you
  4. Keep people (including yourself) accountable

Tortoise or hare?

The businesses I see that do well seem to have an eye on the future as well as what they need to do next week. It’s too easy to get excited & want to achieve everything yesterday, but the reality is that you need to play the long game. Consistent performance in my view is more important than trying to conquer the world tomorrow. Just think of the tortoise & the hare!

Know where you’re heading

It’s pretty hard to play the long game if you don’t know where you want to end up. Having a game plan is vital. It lets you know when you are on track & also allows you to make any necessary changes as required.

Know what drives your business

There will be some key numbers that drive your business activity. If you can find what they are & review those on a regular basis you’ll hopefully reduce those unexpected events from occurring. Remember it’s all about having balance in your business.

Keep people accountable

It’s all too easy to put a new process or system in place. That’s only one part of the equation though. If there is no audit or review process then potentially you’re wasting your (& everyone else’s time). One of the keys to implementing well is holding people to account & you can do this by being very clear what is expected, be able to measure the outcome & meet with the key people & review activity as often as you think is necessary.

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