Is your business like the Crusaders & Super14

May 27th, 2011

What does the Crusaders playing rugby have to do with running a successful business?

As I watched the Crusaders battle the Chiefs at McLean Park in Napier the other night (win to the Crusaders) I was sitting next to my brother in law & we reflected on what makes the Crusaders such a successful team?   Not just successful – but consistent as well, because that success isn’t just this season or last but since the tournament started in 1996.

The Crusaders have won the Super 12 five times (1998, 1999, 2000, 2002, 2005) as well as the first Super 14 (2006) and the Super 14 of 2008.    They also won their first three finals (1998 Auckland, 1999 Dunedin & 2000 Canberra) away from home. The Bulls (2007) are the only other side to have won a Super rugby final playing away from home. The Crusaders boast the highest winning percentage away from home of any side in Super rugby history and have won the most titles overall.

So we pondered what is it that makes them a great franchise and we came up with what we believe has contributed to their success.   They excel in:

  • Teamwork
  • Support team in place such as trainers, coaches, physios
  • Having a set game plan but able to adapt quickly
  • Everyone has a particular role to play
  • A proven formula
  • Always review the team and individual key numbers – tackles, yards, line outs won
  • A values based culture
  • Winning attitude

By now hopefully you can see the parallel  to business.   Imagine what difference it would make to your company if you had all these parts working in harmony – if you just spent some time each day and each week trying to improve in the various areas.

Success doesn’t happen by chance – it requires a concerted effort over time with a desire always to get better and to improve.   I can never imagine the Crusaders being happy to settle for second best and when they do win they’re still looking for that edge over the competition for next time.

So focus on developing a strategy, gather a team around you ( both inside and outside the business), be the best at what you do, implement well and never ever give up.   The recipe isn’t a secret – it just needs to be well implemented.

(Look out for the Crusaders to be in the finals again!)

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