Systems and procedures are fundamental to any business however they can also be a barrier to growth

July 19th, 2011

 As we build our business we look to products such as Outlook, Word, Excel, maybe a CRM, and we produce systems and procedures that work for the business at that point in time. As business grows we often overlook our systems and these remain stagnant.

 This guest article is by Steve Tucker at Systemise IT   

 As technology evolves many of the systems that we have developed within a business can be upgraded.

 Better systems bring benefits such as:

  • Increased productivity
  • Automation to reduce staff requirements
  • Protection of intellectual property
  • Massive reductions in administration costs
  • Huge time savings
  • 500% productivity gains (actual client result)

 These are all achievable if technology based systems are built correctly.

 As a business owner myself I have been in this position.    What I discovered was that if done correctly internet-based systems can have an absolutely phenomenal impact on business.

For me personally these systems allowed me to grow the businesses to a level I had not initially imagined, and even better allowed me to start to manage the businesses and to earn passive income. However for many businesses upfront cost to build such software can mean that this technology is out of reach for many. Within Systemise IT  I have changed this.

 Achieve results by looking at software and what it can do from a business perspective not a programming perspective.

 Traditionally software programming companies are run by software programmers, Systemise IT is run by people that are passionate about business, are business owners and understand what can be achieved within business when technology is applied correctly.

 There are four fundamental parts to any business, these are:

 1)         Administration and accounting

2)         The doing aspect of your business

3)         Sales and marketing

4)         Business development and growth

 At Systemise IT we produce Internet-based business systems that cover every aspect of your business. Traditionally if you used a software programmer you would end up with a system that has a large focus on the doing part of a business and very little else unless you clearly specified what you wanted in every aspect of your business.

 Our product a BMS or business management system is effectively a business model that sits over the top of your business allowing you as the business owner to have a focus across every aspect of your business. It is an Internet-based software product that takes the systems and procedures you have within your business now and simply looks at ways to automate or bring efficiencies to them to enable your business to grow.

 It sounds complicated but for you as the business owner it is about providing you with a solution at minimal cost but more importantly minimal distraction to your business.

 The aim is that your staff need to make very little change to the way they operate other than now having access to the business online. We have designed and built the product in a manner that means we have a huge foundation that allows us to easily customise and altar parts of the product to fit any business but most importantly because of the foundation and the detail within it we can provide this level of customisation at a price never seen before.

 Traditionally this level of software would cost tens of thousands of dollars and by simply applying a business head and developing the product from a business perspective we are able to provide it to business at a nominal cost but with huge benefits.

 If you are a business owner you really should take a look at your systems and think about how technology could be applied to assist you in generating business growth. We can help you with this and offer a free systems awareness workshop to clients of PlanA Consulting

 This guest article is by Steve Tucker at Systemise IT   

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