The Great New Zealand Employment Survey – Key Findings

November 28th, 2012

This information is provided by Grow HR & highlights findings on an employment survey recently conducted.

  • Survey conducted by Clarion HR and Massey University who surveyed 612 employees, managers and employers
  • 38% of respondents claimed to feel undervalued
  • 25% felt unsupported or were otherwise desperate for better communication, better pay and better leadership
  • 66% were actively looking for alternative jobs
  • 66% were dissatisfied with their current role. Only 8% said that for them their job was “just a job” however
    23% of employers had expected significantly higher performance by staff in the past 12 months
  • Disconnect evident between employees and employers


This relates to the employer’s reputation in the market place.

 If an employer gets the basics right, they can develop a great employment brand, including:

  • Having good people management systems and processes in place
  • Good recruitment processes
  • Competitive, readily comprehendible and lawful employment terms and conditions
  • Make sure people know what’s expected of them e.g. position descriptions
  • Good induction process
  • Vision and/or mission and behaviours linked to values
  • Strategic plan/direction
  • Challenging targets for individuals
  • Regular reviews of performance
  • Progression and development opportunities
  • Managers taking an active interest in their employees
  • Creating a positive workplace culture, including celebrating success


  • Timely recognition – pay reviews or non-monetary recognition
  • Active two way communication channels

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