The Number 1 Business Tip For Better Business Results

November 26th, 2010

This is the Number 1 Business Tip if you want to get improved results from your business in the coming year and yet so many people just don’t do it. Do you?

So you say, what is this Number 1 Tip – well it’s quite simple:

If you want your business to improve you need to improve yourself

That’s it, nothing too mind shattering or new age, just good ol’ personal improvement and it came to me while I was at an Institute of Director’s course earlier this month. I spent two days at what I consider to be two very good, high quality courses. And they were high quality for 3 distinct reasons.

The Content

Day 1 was on Governance and day 2 was on Finance. The content although skewed to Independent Directors and Boards was highly relevant to anyone that owns their own business and very practical.

The Facilitators’

Both Facilitators were very experienced and serve on a number of boards around NZ as Independent Directors and Advisors, bringing a wealth of knowledge and experience that I probably haven’t come across before at a similar course. (We operated under Chatham House Rules where it’s agreed that participants won’t be revealed so you’ll have at attend the course to find out for yourself who they were).

The People On The Course

There was an excellent cross section of people on the course with varying degrees of experience and expertise. Some serve on boards as Independent Directors, some operate their own businesses, some work for Government, NGOs, Not for Profit Organisations or in the corporate sector.

Being around such an interesting group of people leads to great discussion and thinking. Being away from your business day environment allows you to take time to think and I know that I am much better for attending the course. Already I have taken some of the ideas and learnings and been able to apply those to my own businesses and also to clients.

What Are You Going To Do To Improve

So what do you plan to do in the coming 12 months to improve yourself which in turn has a positive effect on your business? It may be to go to an external course, work with an independent consultant, even just get into the habit of reading or listening to business audio material.

Remember the definition of insanity – doing the same thing day in and day out and hoping to get a different result!

So go on, challenge yourself and try learning something new – you might be surprised with the result you get.

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