Unless You Implement – Planning Is A Waste Of Time

October 27th, 2010

So you have taken the time to do the planning, asked yourself some honest questions about the future and decided on some goals for the next 12 months. Well done – but it will be useless if you don’t put it all into action and implement your plan.

The way to make sure that you get the results you want is to plan your key activities and you can do that by looking over a 90 day period, setting specific tasks to be implemented and then the measurement of those tasks.

Why Have a 90 Day Activity Plan

Your 90 Day Activity is set from looking at your 12 Month Strategy in more detail. This is where the actual work takes place. By breaking the tasks down they become a lot more manageable and measurable and you will get much better results.


You have a 12 month strategy to drive an increase of gross profit dollars available. To do that you will have identified some key areas that need to be worked on. These might include:

  • Better pricing
  • Buying smarter
  • Reducing wastage
  • Increasing the number of times the client buys from you
  • Increasing the average dollar spend per transaction and so on

90 Day Activity Plan to Drive GP$

Focus on 1 or 2 areas that will make the biggest difference to you. In this case it might be:

  • Better Pricing

Now this is where the process often falls over, because people fail to implement the activities that need to be completed. So identify the specific task, who is responsible for it, when it will be completed and how it will be measured. Below is an example of how the Better Pricing’ tasks can be further broken down.

Key Tasks To Achieve Better Pricing

Review existing sales data looking at biggest gross profit drivers

  • Completed by Mary
  • By x date
  • Report back to team regarding drivers

Review competitors pricing

  • Completed by Mary
  • By x date
  • Report back to team comparing competitors/your pricing

Increase pricing in xyz areas

  • Completed by Fred
  • By x date
  • Report to team when complete

As you can see to get the best result each area needs to be broken down, assigned, date driven and then the result measured or audited. If you don’t do this it is likely that the good idea will stay a good idea and won’t get implemented.

Over the next article or two I will show you some case studies where clients have gone about implementing key activities, which has lead to an increase in their profitability and efficiencies

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