Where oh where have those customers gone?

June 8th, 2010

I live in Napier, sunny Hawkes Bay.   Like most provincial cities we have the main shopping CBD and then satellite suburbs.   Taradale is the next biggest shopping centre in Napier after the CBD.  

At present that shopping precient is going through a total makeover which will be completed some time in 2011.   It’s well overdue and will look very smart when completed, but that is of little comfort right now for the retailers and businesses trying to trade through the construction period.

I was the guest speaker at the Taradale Retailers’ Association AGM the other night and I asked how many people had databases and how active were they in communicating to those customers?   Not many hands went up – now to be fair some people hold onto information in group settings, but it got me thinking – are businesses growing their database and more importantly do they know where their clients come from?

If there was ever a time for a retailer in Taradale to be communicating to their customers, now is the time.   They need to be doing everything they can to get people to continue to come to the town centre and more importantly spend some $$$ in their business.

So ask yourself these questions:

Q   Do you have an active process to capture customer information
Q   How often do you communicate to your customers?
Q   Are customers aware of the various specials promotions and events that you may have
Q   Do you have an active process to record where your leads may come from?
Q   Do you analyse your leads and that helps determine where you spend your marketing $$

In today’s environment, roadworks or no roadworks you need to be smarter with your businesses and use every tool in your tool box to get customers to visit you.   Because I know one thing for sure, if you don’t your competitors will!

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