Would you like to earn $700,000 in a year?

March 19th, 2008

Would you like to earn $700,000 this year?

Today I spent some time at McLeanPark in Napier watching the opening session of NZ v India – and what a cracker it was (although not too flash when we were about 23/3)

Anyway as we lounged back in the sun having a couple of cold ones (purely to keep hydrated) we started talking about some of the $$$ that professional cricketers can make these days. I know of one of the players who will earn close to $700k this year through match fees, retainers, endorsements and so on

And it got us talking. Some will think that is an obscene amount, others will say well done – but the point is sometimes the impossible becomes possible through hard work.

10 years ago if you’d said players could earn that sort of $$$ we wouldn’t have believed it – today it’s reality. So my question is where is your reality – what are you thinking about?

In 10 years time you can be in the same position you are today or you can put the effort in and reap the results. What you want is up to you and what you are prepared to do is up to you as well.

I know that a number of clients we work with would never have expected to have achieved the results they have – but they took one day at a time and now when they look back they are pleased they did make the effort

Just like Test cricket – life can be a test as well – so enjoy the moment but always stay focused on the future

I look forward to some more hydrating tomorrow!

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