YES – Young Enterprise Scheme – Can you help?

March 19th, 2012

I’m about to start work with our young business leaders of the future by working with a group from Taradale High School in this year’s Young Enterprise Scheme and would love your feedback.

The 2012 YES programme organised by the HB Chamber of Commerce is underway and I’ve partnered up with a team from Taradale who I meet again this coming Friday.   If you’re not aware of how the scheme works here is a brief summary from the Chamber website

The Hawkes Bay Chamber of Commerce co-ordinates the Lion Foundation Young Enterprise Scheme  in Hawkes Bay secondary schools for students at year 12 or 13.

YES is not just an academic course but an experiential business programme where students set up their own company, create real products or services, develop real budgets, implement real marketing plans, earn real money and keep real profits.

The year is a relevant and exciting journey that culminates in regional and national award ceremonies.

My role is to be the sounding board for the group and help them from a practical business perspective but not to ‘run’ the business or project for them so it’s going to be interesting.   We meet this coming Friday to set the ground rules and as the project goes along I’ll give you regular updates.

So my question to you is:
If there was one or two pieces of advice you would give a business who were in start up mode and bringing a new product to market what would it be?

I’d love to hear your responses, either on this blog or on my twitter account johnhutch1 and I’ll make sute that I pass it along to the team.   I look forward to the feedback



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