Your Roadmap For Success – John Maxwell

July 1st, 2010

Book Review – Your Roadmap For Success
John Maxwell

If you’re looking for an author that writes very well on leadership and success it’s hard to go past John Maxwell and Your Roadmap To Success is one of those books.

Below are some of the highlights from the book.

Chapter 1
The Journey Is More Fun If You Know Where You’re Going

  • Success is a journey – enjoy the moment
  • Don’t suffer from ‘destination disease’ which means you may miss the moment
  • Success is knowing your purpose in life, growing to reach your potential and sowing seeds that benefit others
  • Concentrate on one main goal
  • Concentrate on continual improvement
  • Forget the past
  • Focus on the future

Chapter 4
How Do I Get There From Here?

  • Goals provide a ┬ároute for success
  • Goals draw out your sense of purpose
  • Goals give you the ‘go power’
  • Goals show you what to do
  • Goals get you focused on improvement, not activity
  • Goals create mile markers of progress

Chapter 6
How Do I Handle The Detours?

  • Fear breeds inaction
  • Inaction leads to lack of experience
  • Lack of experience fosters ignorance
  • Ignorance breeds fear
  • Accept detours as the price of progress
  • Focus on what you can control
  • Get wins under your belt
  • Don’t take failure personally
  • Ask ‘why’, not ‘who’ – don’t play the blame game
  • Learn from failure and don’t let it keep you down
  • Keep going – don’t give up

Chapter 10
What Should We Do Along The Way?

  • Make people development your top priority
  • Limit who you take along
  • Develop relationships
  • Give help unconditionally
  • Help people grow and develop

‘It’s been my observation that most successful people get ahead during the time other people waste’
Henry Ford

‘Without planning, your progress in life will be like that of a Sunday driver, who may see a few interesting sights but misses out on the truly incredible journey that could have been .’
John Maxwell

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