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Finance & Admin

To achieve your long term vision there is needs to be clear direction and planning, a good solid sales process, you need to deliver consistently for your clients AND you need to make sure that you are managing the ‘back end’ of your business.

This Administration and Finance area is often overlooked or not given the due care that it deserves. If you are waiting for the end of each financial year to do or your accountant to give you the information you may get a very big surprise when you find out the result.

So how is your business managed on a day to day basis in this area?

  • Who is monitoring the cashflow
  • Keeping and eye on the debtors
  • Watching creditor payments
  • Monitoring stock ledger amounts
  • How often that is stock turned relative to sales
  • What about ‘slippage’ or shrinkage’, how is that monitored and assessed?

What about customer information

  • Do you know how many new customers you attract every week or month
  • More importantly how many you lose
  • What is the GP$ value of that customer
  • How are you margins reviewed and managed

More importantly what processes do you have to ensure that these key areas are monitored on a regular basis?

Your business will have 4 or 5 key numbers that if you monitor on a regular basis will give you a snapshot of how you are tracking against your plan.

At PlanA Consulting we help you look at all the ‘back office’ processes. What needs to be done, who does it and how it is measured and managed.

By putting a system around this Administration and Finance area it ensures that the important tasks get attended to and aren’t rushed at the last moment.

Every feel rushed to get your GST completed or the wages done, creditors paid or debtors chased up? If you do that means there is room for a more systematized approach.

Have you ever looked at the cost of completing these tasks ‘in house’ or ‘out sourcing’ them?

At PlanA Consulting we bring a ‘fresh set of eyes’ to your Administration and Finance processes making sure that these compliment your core business rather than detract from it.