Governance & Management

For a business to maximise profitability and opportunity it should divide its key roles into strategy / governance and management / implementation.

Strategy and Governance

The strategy and governance focus of the business is about vision, where the company needs to be, what its core business is, assessing risk and its obligations under the Companies Act 1993.

Quite often the director of the company is also the manager or CEO, but the roles are quite different.   Plan A Consulting can assist companies in the governance role of their business either at an advisory board or independent director level.  

Here the focus is on direction and accountability but should not involve the ‘doing’ part of the company.

Regardless of the size of the company, the number of directors and shareholders there should always be a strategic or governance perspective to a business.   Plan A Consulting is able to assist in this area.

For more information on an advisory board if you are not familier with the concept and how it may add value to your business click here

Management and Implementation

Management is all about implementing the strategy the board has set.   This involves the key activity a company delivers, how well they implement, how they manage what they do and is focused on the ‘doing’.   Here Plan A Consulting can assist a business by helping the business owner decide what activity is central to their success and then by keeping them accountable to having that activity completed.   This may mean working with the business owner, or key people in the company.