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Climbing Up The Right Wall
– 5 Strategy Tips

Imagine if one of the kids said I've kicked my ball up on the roof.
You go and get a ladder, put it up against the wall, make sure it's
on a nice flat level piece of ground, and the rungs are all good.
Then you climb to the top and get yourself up on the roof. But
unfortunately you find your ladder is up against the wrong building!

In this video I ask five simple questions
you can ask yourself when you're looking
at reviewing your strategic plan and direction.


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Strong strategy and well planned, well implemented business activity, leads to better profitability. PlanA works with businesses to develop just the right strategic direction to fit their company's core goals and objectives.


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To maximise profitability and capitalise on key opportunities, a business needs to clearly divide and define the three key components of strategy, governance and management, and implementation.


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Do you ever feel you're suffering from ‘being too busy' to work on your business? That you’re just so busy ‘doing’ that your business doesn't seem to be moving forward?

PlanA Consulting is a Hawke's Bay based company run by John Hutchinson. John works with business owners to help them develop good governance and management practices in a practical way, which leads to better profitability. He's developed a number of strategies for business owners to use that assist them in making sure they're working on the key areas they need to be in order to get the results they deserve.


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