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Client Testimonials


Hutch has really helped us keep the key numbers and other metrics front-of-mind by checking in on where things are at during our advisory board meetings and making sure all the numbers stack up as we strive toward our long-term goals. 

He’s genuine, trustworthy and reliable. His feedback and advice are always well-considered, and he's just an all-round nice guy with a passion for everything business related.

Lauren Hart, Business Manager, Kilt

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Alexander Construction

John has an adept skill for facilitating governance sessions that result in clear outcomes that are then presented in an easy to interpret format and can be regularly reviewed to identify progress. This structure has proved invaluable for the company on a number of hugely beneficial levels.

– Mark Hamilton, CE, Alexander Construction

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I really like the fact John has run his own energy business outside of his business consulting role, which perhaps sets him apart from those consultants that have only ever been employees or managing directors of larger corporate firms, but have never had their own money in the game.

John has also helped us set 10-year, 5-year, 12-month and 90-day goals, along with the necessary planning to ensure we stay on track with high-pay-off strategic activities, and to achieve these milestones on time every time.

John has added value to Nutrisearch by introducing us to different professional service providers when needed to assist us in navigating certain business challenges. His incredibly broad business skills base in all the areas needed to add value both commercially and on a personal basis have been invaluable.

– Adam Ryan, Owner & General Manager, Nutrisearch

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Boyce Podiatry

Boyce Podiatry

Boyce Podiatry works in the private health sector. We specialise in fixing feet; taking those in our care from better to best. We have clinics in HaveIock North & Napier. I first started working with Hutch in 2016. I was really struggling with making my business profitable and had no idea what to do next to turn it around. My business structure was failing.

Hutch took me through a business roadmap review, which continued into a coaching journey educating me on how to run a successful business.There was so much to learn, but he seemed to know when to push and when to support. I really enjoy his inquiry-led conversations and how he fast gains insight into the mechanics and culture of the business.

Hutch has helped me work through various business ideas, challenging my thinking about how they would work, helping work out the figures around profitability and return on investments. He keeps me accountable to my goals, reminding me what's really important. My business now has a strong workplace culture, my team have great values that support the business vision and we're back to being profitable.

– Lynley Boyce, Owner / Operator, Boyce Podiatry

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John picked up the core basis of our business quickly and was able to instantly provide insights and ideas on practical processes for achieving our strategic goals. This was done by: establishing clarity around our core purpose; understanding the key drivers enabling us to turn a profit; and what was needed for steady growth.

John has helped us focus on what's important. He's also provided us with incredibly valuable insights about our business that only someone with his extensive business experience could bring to the table. We now have the practical processes and the tools we need to stay on track with our strategic plan.

At the end of the 90-day sprint we met and reviewed what had been achieved and what hadn't. Any outstanding activities were reassessed as to their priority then planned into the coming period. It was great having John to hold us to account and make sure we got as much as possible done to reach our goals.

– Lesley Kersey, Owner / Operator, Hortplus

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MPT Concrete / Cupolex

Before I started working with John my business plan and everything that went with it was in my head. John worked with me to get it all down on paper. Then we went about identifying what was important to focus on and set goals for the short term, and developed a 3-5 year strategy. It brought clarity and a vision for the future.

During the initial assessment and planning phase as well as plenty of emails and phone-calls, John and I were also meeting weekly. He helped me streamline my entire operation and he was also great as a sounding board for new ideas and really got me thinking about working on my business rather than in it 24-7-365.

One of the great outcomes of working with John has been the realisation I didn't need to be, and shouldn't be, doing everything myself. I started contracting out IT, admin, health and safety, and HR. The end result has been a 250-500% increase in turnover for my two businesses, I know where we're going with solid business roadmaps for the next 3-5 years, not to mention I can now take more holidays!

– Mike Teddy, Owner / Operator, MPT Concrete & Cupolex

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Health Hawkes Bay

Health Hawkes Bay

Health Hawke’s Bay is the region’s single Primary Health Organisation (PHO), covering a population of over 161,000. We aim to improve health outcomes and life expectancy across our beautiful bay, as well as reducing inequalities for our Māori, Pacific and high needs families.

We are a publicly funded organisation with a Board and CEO who are passionate about health and Hawke’s Bay, and who are supported by a dedicated team of professionals in a wide range of roles.

Health Hawke’s Bay believe making it easier for people to access health care is fundamental to improving the health of the community. Health is a community and personal responsibility and the PHO is committed to helping all to take care of themselves, their families and whānau.

Health Hawke’s Bay have been working with John Hutchinson (PlanA Consulting) since 2016, primarily assisting the PHO with governance advice and latterly assisting with the complexities and outcomes of strategic thinking and planning. Health Hawke’s Bay engaged John to work closely with Health Hawke’s Bay Board of Directors to undertake a full board performance review, the results of which were delivered concisely and professionally. John has also facilitated strategic planning and thinking workshops at both a governance and operational level, with Health Hawke’s Bay drawing on his expertise to get full engagement and outcomes for the PHO.

John brings a professional, commercially savvy perspective to the work that he undertakes for the PHO, spending time to understand the desired outcomes and utilising his skills to draw the right information to deliver a comprehensive outcome.

Health Hawkes Bay

Sales Impact NZ

Sales Impact provides sales training solutions for businesses across the country, ranging from small to medium to corporates.

We have been working with John for the past year ever since I took over as Director of the company. John acts as our Business Advisor providing key advice and strategy & is helping us with the rollout of our licensee network across New Zealand We can’t say enough good things about John, he has helped our business to stay on track and grow through regular meetings that help to keep us to task.

John has introduced a number of new concepts to our business which have paid for his services many times over. One of the most valuable aspects of his service is the value of having someone to call when we have a challenge for an independent view. By helping us to set key strategies we have developed a stronger focus on exactly what we need to do in order to continue to grow.

John’s advice on business is invaluable especially as a first-time director of a company, his knowledge, experience and advice has helped me greatly in my new role. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend John to anyone looking for guidance in their business.

Sales Impact NZ



Indelible is a full-service video production company providing services to not only the local HB clients but also a growing national and international client base.

John has worked with Indelible since 2012 and in more recent years at board level. Specialising in the areas company governance and infrastructure, John has helped Indelible develop strategic tracking and accountability processes across all aspects of the business. He is a valued and insightful member of our board.


Eco Efficient

Eco Efficient

I am a 25-year old female and at 23 I started my own Solar panel company. I needed someone to offer me some advice and guide me in the right direction. I came across John and have found him extremely helpful ever since. Any random questions I’ve had, or issues with any area (that you don’t necessarily expect), John was always only a phone call or email away. The money I spend with him I get back with helpful reminders to focus on the GP. I would highly recommend him to anyone that is looking for a business advisor

Eco Efficient