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PlanA Consulting is a Hawke's Bay based company run by John Hutchinson. John works with business owners to help them develop good governance and management practices in a practical way, which leads to better profitability.


John has developed a number of strategies for business owners to use that assist them in making sure they're working on the key areas they need to be in order to get the results they deserve.

A Systematic Approach is Key

PlanA is based in sunny Napier, Hawke's Bay, New Zealand. However, with the modern technology available to us, we're able to work with clients in any location. We can do this because we take a systematic approach to your business activities.

John has a strong and practical business background, having owned various companies for 10 years prior to 2008, when he founded PlanA Consulting. Since then John has been able to help privately-owned and family companies develop their strategic thinking, communicate their strategy to stakeholders, and help them achieve their goals in accordance with their company values. This has resulted in clearer company directions, defined strategies, better governance, better accountability and improved statements of performance and position.

PlanA Consulting is a member of:

  • Institute of Directors (NZ)
  • Hawke's Bay Chamber of Commerce 
  • New Zealand Trade and Enterprise – Regional Business Partner
  • Business Mentors NZ

"A whole lot of planning might sound and look good, but unless you’re implementing it it’s going to waste. On the other hand, if you start implementing and carrying out a lot of activity but haven’t done any planning, it can lead you in the wrong direction, where the results can be disastrous."

Why PlanA Consulting?

Do you ever feel you're suffering from ‘being too busy' to work on your business? That you’re just so busy ‘doing’ that your business doesn't seem to be moving forward?

Too often people get worried about contingencies and what they’ll do if things don’t go according to plan. But they fail to recognise that if they spent a bit of time in planning they’d achieve a whole lot more.

PlanA has developed a number of strategies for business owners to make sure they're working in key areas and are getting the results they deserve.