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Business Strategy

PlanA has developed a number of strategies to help business owners make sure they're working on key areas of their business in order to achieve the results they deserve.

5 Key Business Strategies

The following five strategies are designed to allow the business owner, or a key person in their business, to run the company more effectively and increase net profits.

By allocating time and effort in each of these five areas, the business owner is able to make sure they're on track to getting the results they're after.

In any business there should be a planning component, a 'doing' component, an administration component and a governance component.

1. Planning

Your business plan should reflect what you're trying to achieve, where you want to go, the roadmap for getting there, and the measurable metrics that allow you to know how you’re progressing, and when you’ve arrived.

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2. Sales & Marketing

Every business needs to attract customers. And in today’s environment it's vital you enter the market place and communicate your core messages clearly and boldly. At PlanA Consulting we'll help you not only put a sales process in place, but we'll also make sure you're well-equipped to implement it and measure its effectiveness.

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3. Operations & Delivery

Operations and delivery refers to how you interact with your clients, how your store is merchandised, how you manage the stock, and the work you do for your clients. Have you ever stopped and wondered why you do what you do on a daily basis, or do you just do it because that’s what you’ve always done?

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4. Finance & Administration

To achieve your long-term vision there needs to be clear direction and planning and a good solid sales process. You also need to deliver consistently for your clients AND you need to make sure you're managing the ‘back-end’ of your business.

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5. People

A successful business has well-thought-through systems in place. But it's the right people implementing those systems, in the right manner, that will put you in front of your competitors. How do you interact with your people?

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