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Sales & Marketing

Sales & Marketing

So, you’ve got a great product or service – you've written a great business plan – you have well-thought-through systems and a great team – well done, that's a great start! But what are you doing to attract customers to your business?


Every business needs to attract customers. From brain surgeon to butcher, actor to accountant. But unless there are people using your goods and services you won’t be in business long. To start putting together a good sales and marketing plan ask yourself questions such as:


  • What plan do you have to keep that sales funnel full?
  • What is your conversion rate when you do get in front of those customers?
  • How often do they use your goods or services?
  • What is your margin like and what room is there to increase it?
  • What activity is the biggest driver of profit for you and how are you focused on that?
  • Are you reactive or proactive ... an order taker or an order maker?

What could you be doing to attract customers to your business?

Is it time you developed a clear and defined sales and marketing process? More importantly, once you have a process, do you have a way to implement it on a regular and consistent basis?