Disclosure Statement

Although Plan A Consulting (the Company) is not governed by the Securities Markets Act 1988, this document is provided to give you information about the Company and about John Hutchinson (the Consultant).


  • The Company works with clients in the area of business operations either at a strategic / governance or management / implementation level.  The Company is owned by the J&D Hutchinson Family Trust and John and Diane Hutchinson. John is the sole director.

Business Operations

  • The Company works with business owners or key personal with the aim of assisting them to increase profits, reduce overheads and focus on areas of sales and marketing, operations, finance and administration, team management, governance . Any information that the Company gives the Client is advisory and the Client should take other advice from professionals such as their lawyer, accountant or any other person they deem appropriate.

Experience and Qualification

  • John Hutchinson has a Diploma in Business (Management) – 1992. John has kept up to date the knowledge gained in that qualification continuing to attend other courses, seminars and conferences.
  • John has worked consulting with clients since 2005.

Professional Body

John is a member of

  • Institute of Directors (NZ Inc)
  • Hawkes Bay Chamber of Commerce
  • Institute of Accredited Business Consultants (NZ Inc) (pending)
  • Business Mentors NZ

Professional Indemnity Insurance

  • The Company and John Hutchinson are covered by Professional Indemnity Insurance written through Crombie Lockwood. This cover provides for a breach of professional duty by either the Company or John Hutchinson

Dispute Resolution

  • Any disputes or potential complaints should be directed to John Hutchinson in the first instance, but there is no formal dispute resolution process in place.

Criminal Convictions or Bankruptcy

Neither the Company nor John Hutchinson has within the last five years (or at any other time) been:

  • Convicted of an offence under the Securities Market Act 1988, the Investment Advisers (Disclosure) Act 1996 or the Securities Act 1978, or for a crime involving dishonesty under the Crimes Act 1961
  • Adjudged Bankrupt
  • Prohibited by a court from taking part in the management of a company or business
  • The subject of an adverse finding by a court taken against it/him in a professional capacity
  • Expelled from or been prohibited from being part of a professional body.

Fees and Commissions

  • Professional fees and charges are based depending on the nature of work undertaken with the client and may vary. These will be notified to the client in writing prior to commencement of work.
  • Any work completed by a third party for the client will be billed by that third party direct to the client unless previously agreed between the Client and the Company.
  • From time to time the Company may receive commission from other service providers when they provide services or products to the client. These may vary depending on the product or service obtained. It may be in the form of an affiliate programme payment or a direct fee.
  • The Company and John Hutchinson will always endeavor to give fair, accurate and impartial advice to the Client


I declare that this Disclosure Document is fair and accurate.

John D Hutchinson
Dip Bus (Management)

Plan A Consulting – Terms and Conditions

This agreement sets out the relationship between Plan A Consulting (hereafter referred to as the Company) and the Client.

1. Services

PlanA Consulting will work with the Client in various areas of their business operations either at a strategic or implementation level.

2. Payment

The fees outlined reflect the time required to complete the work agreed. The Client may have additional services provided at a rate to be established if and when required. If any of the services or costs are unclear, the Client is asked to raise this with the Company prior to signing their Terms and Conditions.

If the Company refers the Client to a third party for additional work, this work will form a separate agreement between those parties.

The Client agrees to pay the Company  in advance, or on the terms agreed and acknowledges that services may be suspended if payment is not made. In that event the full amount outstanding will still be due.

By signing, the Client agrees that the Terms and Conditions is a binding contract and acknowledges that these terms and conditions are fully understood and will comply with these conditions and will pay all monies due.

The Client acknowledges that the Company manages its own business based on the number of Clients that it interacts with and that this agreement and fees are binding once signed.

If the Consultant is required to travel or incur other costs agreed to by the Client, these shall be billed separately to the fee structure in this document.

3. Intellectual Property

The Client recognises that they will receive information that is the Intellectual Property of the Company. This material is not to be reproduced or re-distributed without the approval of the Company.

4. Confidentiality

Both parties agree that all information between them both shall remain confidential unless either party allows for the release of that information.

5. General Conditions

The Client acknowledges that all services are advisory and that they should take additional advice from other professionals such as their lawyer, accountant and any other person they deem appropriate. The Client further acknowledges that the Company accepts no responsibility or liability for any discussions or plans made during the term of the contract.

The Client acknowledges that from time to time, if both parties agree, the services provided may alter, otherwise the service that the Client chooses will be delivered and paid for.

The Client acknowledges that they are responsible for the implementation of any strategies discussed with the Company. If the Client wishes to have the Company become more ‘hands on’ with the implementation of strategies (outside the terms above) then that relationship will form a separate agreement.

The Client acknowledges that all planning and implementation sessions will take place during normal business hours. If either party needs to reschedule, it will attempt to give the other party at least 24 hours notice.

The Client acknowledges that the Company has made no representation or guarantees other than those expressed in this document and the results for the Client depend upon individual performance.

Either party may give each other one month notice in writing that they wish to terminate their engagement.

If these Terms and Conditions change, the Client will be notified of this prior to working with the Company.

By commencing work with the Company the Client acknowledges they agree with these terms and conditions and the information in the Company’s disclosure document.