Services Plan A Consulting Offers

PlanA Consulting works with clients in a number of areas in their business to help them become more effective and efficient which in turn leads to better profitability.

First and foremost you’ll decide what is best for you, but it may include:

Consulting on an adhoc basis

This is where a client will come with a specific need. Recently this has included someone looking at buying into a business and wanting to examine what was on offer to the other extreme with someone considering selling their business. Other support like this may be meeting with a business owner, CEO, manager or specific staff member to address a particular issue. The time it takes is dictated by what you are trying to achieve.

This may be ongoing or simply as a one off event.

Business Assessments

In a business assessment we are looking at the various aspects of a business operation to identify any risk and opportunity. Think of it as a business health check. This may be conducted in one or multiple sessions. It covers both internal issues affecting the business as well as external factors.

After the assessment a report is produced for you which details the various topics covered and any action points that have come out of it.

To find out more about this assessment check out these two articles (article one, article two)

Advisory Board or Board of Directors

Here we work with a company in a governance role which is focussed on strategy and direction. For some companies this may be on a monthly basis, others may be on a quarterly basis. It depends what you the business owner thinks fits your business best.

Management and implementation (business systems)

This is where we get stuck into the ‘nitty gritty’ part of a business and is focussed on what needs to happen at an operational level. For example we may be looking at how we can implement a customer care programme or how productivity may be able to be improved

Business Planning

Some companies want support in developing a ‘working’ business plan rather than something that may look nice but have no relevance and go in the bottom drawer. This can normally be completed in one or two sessions and provides the template for the business to go away and implement with some clear measures in place. We also assist companies in preparing 90 Day Plans which outlines key activity and measurements that are needed.

Business Roadmap

This is similar to the business assessment but not as detailed and is more suited to your smaller business operation. It allows any immediate issues to be addressed, reviews activity across key areas and sets some key goals and objectives in place

New Zealand Trade and Enterprise

PlanA Consulting is accredited to deliver work for NZTE and some of the services above may qualify for NZTE support

Click here to find out more

Staff meetings and training

Sometimes clients want someone to run meetings or train staff in particular topics and again we are able to offer solutions in these various areas.

Change Management

From time to time businesses need to change the direction they have been heading.   PlanA Consulting is experienced in assisting clients in this change management process and can assist business owners during this process.

Financial Analysis

Obviously PlanA Consulting are not accountants, but they can assist clients to look at the financial information relating to their business and apply a practical approach to the numbers and see how that relates to business activity.

Testimonials and case studies

Regardless of where we work with clients the aim is to help business owners increase profitability and efficiencies. If you click here you can read some actual client testimonials.   Client achievements include clearer company direction, more structure, better governance, better efficiencies, more focus on accountability, improved balance sheet, improved gross profit dollars, increased productivity, improved sales, increased net profits, expense reduction & better reporting clarity.


So you may ask – what are the fees that are charged. Well that depends on what it is you want. Fees may either be structured as an agreed amount when the relationship is ongoing, a set fee for a particular course or just an hourly rate. Before we can set a fee we have to be able to do two things (i) decide if we can actually add value in the first place (ii) find out what suits you best.

If you’d like more information about what we do then don’t hesitate to contact PlanA Consulting at either [email protected] or +64 6 974 6236 or click here for more details