Vision, Mission & Values


To be the leading provider for business consultancy in Hawkes Bay assisting the SME market in the areas of good governance & management practices which allows them to grow efficiencies & better profitability which in turn benefits the business & the region as a whole.


By working closely with business owners in the SME market, PlanA Consulting will assist them to develop their business in a way that escalates their growth while practicing good governance & management. This in turn will lead to better profitability not only for the business owner but the region of Hawkes Bay as well.


The Buck Stops Here

This means that we are all responsible for our actions and we take accountability for any matter that we may deal with

Clients’ First

Regardless of what we are doing the client is always our main focus and they always come 1st before any other task

Be Present In The Moment

Give both clients’ and others the respect and attention they deserve

Sharpen The Saw

Continually improve ourselves

Be Happy To See It On The Front Page

Be happy to have our actions on the front page of the local newspaper – always do the right thing