What. A. Year!


Four key things
that have stood
out for me ...

Amazing to think a year ago in December 2019, we had no idea what was ahead of us: health, family, community and business wise.


As I look back over 2020, there were four key things that have stood out to me:


  1. Business owners are an adaptable bunch – resilience and nimble.
  2. Building a support team / network, internally and externally is super important.
  3. Cash is, was and always will be king!
  4. Make sure you keep looking forward ahead and not too much time looking back.


If you've checked out my vlogs over the year, thanks very much, I hope you've got some value from them.


If you get a chance to have a break over the Christmas period I hope you enjoy it and find some time to defrag!:


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