3 critical things businesses need to manage at COVID-19 Alert Level 2 in New Zealand

3 critical things businesses need to manage as we move to Alert Level 2


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This vlog talks about 3 critical things to manage as we transition from Alert Level 3 to Alert Level 2 during COVID-19 in New Zealand. They are:


  1. Cash-flow

  2. People

  3. A blank sheet of paper





Manage your cash, look at what your break even figure needs to be, and work out where you may need to fill any shortfall and how you may do that.



Keep communicating to your team, let them know what's happening in your business and what the future looks like.


Blank sheet of paper

If you were starting with a blank sheet of paper, what would your business look like today, what market would you be in, what would your goods or services look like and how would you operate?


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