Buzzwords drive me crazy! What about you?

Buzzwords drive me crazy! What about you?


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I was at a meeting yesterday and one of the people there said that buzzwords drive them crazy. And I agree!




So after the meeting I sent the following email – 24 buzzwords in 6 paragraphs! I may have had some help from here though – 

Anyway, here's my buzzword email ... 


"You got me thinking yesterday, so I thought I’d reach out following our meeting and the COVID-19 discussions.  

Going forward I'd like to drill down into some of your forward thinking and see if you need to pivot and look at omni-channels.  

Full credit goes to everyone and there's good synergy in the team, which leads to good thought leadership – the optics appear strong.  

If we have to, we can circle back, pick some low hanging fruit, which may help to move the needle and give some leverage – after all the key is to be agile.  

Best practice would suggest if we don’t get the bandwidth we need, we can always do a deep dive and look at some of the big data. I think it's fair to say we all want to go forward, even if that means we need to disrupt the market. As long as we are on the same page.

If you think this deserves a response, the link below may help unpack some of your thinking, which will allow for a quick win." Let's hope I don't use too many!"