The business week
no one wants

If there's one thing I really enjoy it's just sitting and watching the ocean and it's always changing, different things to look at I was chatting to some folks the other day and it made me realize that actually being in business sometimes is like being in the middle of the ocean let me explain how.


I've worked with these folks for three or four years now, they've got a great business doing really well, nice and profitable and they have had the worst week that you could ever imagine.


I'm sure if you've been in business we can all recognize this week not that we want to go through it.


They've had supply chain issues, they've had issues with a customer, they've had issues with a team member, they've had some cash flow issues, anything that could go wrong for them has absolutely gone wrong over the last week or so.


We were having a chat about it trying to work out what they needed to do, the things they needed to think about and I used the analogy and i said you are in the middle of a huge storm in the middle of the ocean.


There are waves crashing all over the place, thunder lightning, rain, poor visibility, anything that could go wrong is going wrong, it is the perfect storm.


But just like the ocean business has these ups and downs but we understand that they're not forever.


If you are going through a particularly stormy patch at the moment in your business, if you feel that the elements are really combining and working against you, gather around that internal support that you've got, gather around your external support, take that broader picture and understand that just like the ocean, the storm in your business is not going to last forever.


So try and keep some perspective, get through and do what you can do, but understand that the storm is going to go from a storm to eventually a clear and and calm sea.


Thanks very much and until next time, take care out there.


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