The Flywheel Effect – Does your business have momentum and is it constantly looking to the future?

The Flywheel Effect – Does your business have momentum & is it looking to the future?


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In this video Hutch talks about the flywheel effect and how certain activity, people or processes within your business could be holding it back from reaching its true potential.




Imagine a giant flywheel, bit by bit, push by push it gains momentum. Business is just like that.   However, there is no 'one push' that causes momentum, but an accumulation of effort over time. 

Friction can slow the flywheel down and act as a brake. The question is, as business owners are we causing the friction ourselves? It may be by our thinking, the lack of direction, lack of leadership, wrong markets, failure to deliver to customers, lack of cash and other factors. 

So we should always take time, take a moment and ask ourselves, are we holding our business back and if we are, what do we need to do about that? 

Check out the video and to find out more have a read of Jim Collins' book, 'Good to Great'.