What are you doing
to stay sharp and
feed your mind?


Looking at 'Turning The
Flywheel by business
writer Jim Collins.

Feeding the mind and improving your thinking.


Are you listening to podcasts, reading, or listening to audio books? To me, reading is a really important way to stay sharp and keep myself challenged, in order to get better at what I do.


I recently purchased Jim Collins' new monograph, 'Turning The Flywheel', which follows on from one of his chapters in 'Good to Great'. It talks about why some companies build momentum and some don't.


It's only 40 pages, so I'll give you an update once I've read it. But a question to ask yourself now is, "What are you doing to improve your thinking?"


For me, to be able to help business owners, I need to be challenging my thinking, and reading is a great way to do that.


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