Business can be hard at times, especially if you are in that SME space.

I get it,  I’ve being self employed for close to 20 years (crikey where has that gone!).   In that time I’ve had businesses that have gone from no staff (just me) to 40 odd staff with a senior leadership structure in place.

If there was a good way & a not so good way to do things,  I’ve probably done them both & everything in between.   And I’m still learning.   One thing that I have learnt though is that I always need to spend time to defrag the brain, get away from the day to day & think about my business in a different way.

As I type this I’m in Taupo – it’s a chilly winter’s day & I’m staying at Warakei resort with Mrs H for a Saturday to Monday extended weekend.   Tomorrow (Sunday) I am having a session with a client who owns a business based in Hawkes Bay, but operates over NZ.   They are running a session tomorrow with their full team, looking at what they are currently doing & how can they improve.   A really good question to ask.

I meet with the owners every month & this is the second year that we’ve done the full team session.

So my question for you is, when did you stop & think about your business?   When did you last do a health check, look at what was working & not working & more importantly put a plan in place to improve?

To that end I have developed a business Roadmap Review programme, aimed at the small to medium business.   It’s going to take place over August & September & I’ll be releasing details in a day or so.

So my challenge to you is, challenge yourself, stop take the time & review where things are at – because I know from experience, each time I do that, I always get better results!