90-Day Plans &
How To Achieve
Your Business Goals


It's all about planning ...

90-Day Plans & How To Achieve Your Business Goals


Hi there, this video is a continuation of my vlogs around strategic and business planning. So today I wanted to tell you what I believe is one of the key things when it comes to implementing strategy and business objectives in your business. It's all about having a focus on 90-Day Plans. Let me explain what I mean – think of it as a cascading waterfall.


At the top of the waterfall we've got our strategic plan, our overall direction, the big picture. Then we come down to what are our business objectives for the coming year. There might be four or five objectives that you want to achieve and the key is to actually make sure we implement those.


Then sitting below those objectives are a whole bunch of enabling activities, things that need to occur. And yhe key to getting those things done is having a 90-Day Planning function.


So every 90 days you should have a focus on working towards achieving your business objectives. Then we can take that 90-day focus and we break it down even further into what I call sprints.


Sprints are about very particular activities around achieving key tasks and these key tasks eventually lead to achieving our objectives. On an annual basis we should eventually achieve our strategic direction and plan.


So think about your business and think about what you can do every 90 days that's actually going to move you closer towards the outcomes you're looking for.


The businesses I work with that have found the sweet spot for their 90-day planning then implementing it on a weekly and daily basis get really really good cut through.


So I hope that gives you something something to think about. Think about the key business objectives you want to achieve over the next 12 months then chunk it down to 90-day plans outlining what the key activities are that you need to do.


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