Cooking Ribs Is A Lot
Like Business Planning


Let me explain why in this video ...

Cooking Ribs Is A Lot Like Business Planning


Well kia ora folks. If there is one thing I love it 's slow cooked barbecue and tonight I'm going to be cooking some pork spare ribs. They'll take about five to six hours and I was thinking, cooking a barbecue is a little bit like business planning. Let me explain why.


If you've seen my earlier videos on strategic planning, it's all around taking that broader strategic view about your business. Where do you want to be, what's your winning aspiration, what do you need to do really well. It's all about big picture thinking.


When I think of business planning I think of it as being a 12-month exercise for the current financial year. And if we relate my barbecuing of ribs to business planning, my objective is to serve some really tasty ribs around 6.45 pm tonight.


So that's one of my business objectives and underneath that business objective is a whole bunch of enabling activities that need to happen. I need to prep the ribs and prepare the smoker. I need to cook the meat, I need to rest the meat then serve the meat.


It's the same with your business plan. Good business plans probably only need three to four primary objectives for the year. These are the things you want to have achieved when you get to March 22 or 23, or whenever your financial year ends. They link into your strategic plan, but they're a little bit more specific.


Each business objective has a set of what I call enabling activities sitting below it. These are other things that need to occur to achieve your objective. These enabling activities get implemented on a day-to-day basis via your 90-day plan.


So if you're thinking about business planning, think about three to five business objectives that you want to achieve for the coming year. Think about the enabling activities that sit below them. In another video I'll talk about 90-day activities and how we actually implement things.


So whether you're business planning or cooking pork spare ribs the process is pretty similar. If you stick around for a couple more seconds I'll leave you some photographs (at the end of this video) of today's cook. Also, feel free to check out my video around 90-day plans and how you can really implement and make things happen in your business.


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