The Excellence
Dividend PDF available

A while ago I read The Excellence Dividend
by Tom Peters, it's a great book and I've talked
about it in a previous vlog. For your PDF


I get it that some people, it's not really their thing to sit down and read 450 pages of text, so let me give you a very easy way that you can get this information.


This is a great book and a great read. Sections include execution, excellence, people, innovation, adding, value and leadership excellence.


It's got a whole lot of great stuff in it 450 pages, what I've gone and done is I've gone and summarized each of those chapters into bullet points and so if you'd like to have a pdf document that has got the bullet pointed information that I've considered important and I go through and highlight when I read the book, then either drop me an email, go on the website, on my website, have a look in the show notes below and there will be a link somewhere in there for a pdf document.


Tom Peters The Excellence Dividend, as leaders you know we need to think differently about our businesses, be thinking about how we can improve and do different things and this is a great way to do that and if you'd like a really condensed version, then I've got a pdf available for you.


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