Make Your Business
Like An F1 Team

Do you want your business to be like
a formula one race car and a formula
one team or do you want to be driving
out some clapped out old dunga,
New Zealand slang for an old car.


Let me give you an idea. Do you know that for a formula one pit stop it can take somewhere between 1.8 and 2.4 seconds for that car to come in, come to a complete stop, four wheels to come off the car given the okay and off it goes again.


We're talking tenths of seconds that's what makes the difference.


So how do they do it so well, well obviously practice, it just doesn't happen by chance and so as you're putting your business objectives together for the coming year or even if you've done it just have a look and ask yourself what is the training plan that you've got in place to make your team better, because quite often I see businesses busy doing a whole lot of stuff but not actually thinking how they can improve and we know that a good experienced team helps with retention, it helps with productivity, it helps with culture.


So if you want your business to be like a formula one pit team, put some training in place and try and measure those tenths of seconds. Drive an f1 as opposed to some clapped out old dunga.


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