Part 4: Operations, Systems & Delivery

Part 4: Fine Tuning Business Operations, Systems & Delivery

For all three PlanA clients covered in the previous instalments of this series, the benefits of reviewing and improving the operational side of their businesses were numerous with turnover and productivity increasing in-line with gross profits.

The three clients also gained a far deeper understanding of what makes their business tick and how to keep it ticking in the direction they want it to. This was achieved with the assistance of John at PlanA Consulting helping them gain financial clarity and a tuned-up focus on reviewing, revising and improving the way they operate in all aspects across the board.

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Quote #1

"One of the great outcomes of working with John has been the realisation I didn't need to be, and shouldn't be, doing everything myself. I started contracting out IT, admin, health and safety, and HR. The end result has been a 250-500% increase in turnover for my two businesses, I know where we're going with solid business roadmaps for the next 3-5 years, not to mention I can now take more holidays!"

Mike Teddy – MPT Concrete / Cupolex



By developing goals for the immediate 90-day-sprints and 12-month strategies, and in some cases longer-term thinking, the three clients were able to get the necessary work done to reach their goals, with the assistance of John at PlanA Consulting.

Ongoing, all three clients meet with John regularly – monthly, quarterly or when required. They can also access John via phone or email for anything that will help their business become more effective and more profitable.

Quote #2

"If there's one really valuable outcome from working with John it's my renewed and sustainable positivity for the business. Now that everything is well documented, I have clarity for the business and its vision with a sound structure and plans in place. I feel empowered, confident and relentlessly enthusiastic for the future."

Lynley Boyce – Boyce Podiatry

11 Must-Dos for SMEs

11 Must-Dos for SMEs


  1. Take the time to stop and look to the future.
  2. Make specific goals / outcomes to work towards.
  3. Define and document the sales process.
  4. Develop a process to structure pricing.
  5. Maintain a focus on improving productivity.
  6. Measure key operational drivers.
  7. Structure financial management reporting processes.
  8. Do regular cash flow analysis and set budgets.
  9. Establish employment agreements with staff.
  10. Make sure the right people (staff) are in the right place doing the right things.
  11. Call John Hutchinson @ PlanA Consulting for all of the above!


Assessment, Implementation & Results: That's a Wrap!

As this is the final instalment in this series, we hope as a business owner you've gained some valuable insights into how John Hutchinson from PlanA Consulting may be able to help your business thrive.

For more information please keep in touch on the PlanA Consulting social media channels or just give John a buzz.

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Quote #3

"John has helped us focus on what's important. He's also provided us with incredibly valuable insights about our business that only someone with his extensive business experience could bring to the table. We now have the practical processes and the tools we need to stay on track with our strategic plan."

Lesley Kersey – Hortplus